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What is Carpentry?

A carpenter is a skilled trades person who makes and repairs timber structures and other wooden objects, carpenters require a broad skill set, good general building knowledge and vast variety of tools, more then any other trade. Because of these reasons, carpenters are most necessary trade and are normally on site for the duration of any building project. This is why many foremen come from a carpentry based background.

General Carpenters.

Many carpenters are “all rounders”. This means they cover all aspects of carpentry. These carpenters have a huge array of tools and a fantastic building acumen, but because of diversity of carpentry it is difficult for these trades people to reach the skill level of a specialist carpenter, week to week  their tasks will change, one week they will be fitting a kitchen the next they will be putting up a stud wall. This means it is difficult for a general carpenter to achieve the quality finish or speed of a specialist. That said, good general carpenters are vital to any  construction company.

Specialist Carpenters.

As stated a carpenter refers to someone who works with wood, but there are different types of specialist carpentry –



First Fix Carpentry

First fix carpentry is the structural side of carpentry. These carpenters are highly skilled in quickly erecting timber framed houses, stud work and pitching roofs. Pitch Perfect are specialists in this area of carpentry.

Second Fix Carpentry

Second fix carpentry is the decorative side of carpentry. These carpenters are specialists installing the decorative trims, such as architraves  and skirting boards, hanging doors and fitting joinery.

Shuttering Carpentry (Formwork)

Shuttering carpenters create the formwork needed to form concrete structures, this is done by bolting shuttering ply either side of reinforced metal bar, pouring concrete between the ply and then letting it cure.

On-Site Joinery

Whilst joinery is normally conducted in a workshop, some accomplished carpenters are able to produce quality joinery products such as kitchens and wardrobes on site.


handmade bespoke carpentry

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