About us

Roof Carpentry.


At Pitch Perfect we know what we’re good at – pitching roofs!! With over 20 years of experience of exclusively pitching roofs, we can proudly say we are the best in the business.


timber frame roof- Otford

Of all the construction elements required to build a house, timber framing the roof structure often proves to be one of the most difficult tasks. It is physically demanding and technically challenging. For this reason the majority of carpenters tend not to get involved in the construction of pitched roofs. At Pitch Perfect this is not a problem, our carpenters are specialists in roof carpentry and enjoy the technical and physical demands of pitch roof construction.


Specializing in pitch roofs allow our carpenters to hone their specific skill set.  Without an in depth knowledge of trigonometry, many carpenters trying to pitch a roof rely purely on guess work and this costs time and money on wasted materials.

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